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Ideas for Decorating a Victorian Bedroom
For many a Victorian style bedroom has an antique but typically feminine feel to. The Victorian era started in the 1830’s and was around until 1900 (when Queen Victoria died) and there are many variations to be had relating to the style of a Victorian bedroom but hopefully the points provided below will help you when decorating a Victorian bedroom for yourself.
1 Chinoiserie wall stencil / Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Hand-painting, the Chinese traditional workmanship was used commonly in the process of furniture, adornments, and accessories such as Lacquer ware, Chinese calligraphy and porcelain more than 3000 years ago... in the late 17th Century, the same painting skills started being used to create these creative wallpapers made in panels about four feet square and were shipped in this form to Europe.
It is a beautiful series of hand-painted wallpaper designs based on classical Chinese themes and be recognized as the highest form of wallpaper art. It dates from c.1800 and was intended to form a panoramic view of an Oriental garden. The garden is planted with flowering trees and shrubs in vases, and the viewer looks out over an alabaster balustrade. When an upholsterer like Thomas Chippendale was employed to redecorate a room, he expected the owner to supply the Chinese paper himself.
The style of painting done today is in the same historical style that wallpaper scenes created a mural effect that would cover the walls of an entire room without repeating the design, The motifs were of three types: life and occupations, birds and flowers, or figures and trees. Depictions of all the elements were realistic: botanists copied some designs for their own illustrations, some of designs are extended from famous historic calligraphies and paintings such as .Today these designs are appropriate for most Dining Rooms, Bed Rooms, Living Rooms and Entryways of today's interiors. The same painting skills used by Chinese artists thousands of years ago are still used to create these lovely wallpapers. The talented Chinese artists hand paint each wallpaper panel with exquisite detail and elegance to create murals of timeless beauty
Paper Content
The traditional style of painting for this collection is done on 100% silk, and then paperbacked with rice paper for strength and durability, which has been specifically made for this type of hand painting. Another ground used for our "European", or "Watercolor" version of these scenes, which are painted in watercolor in a block print effect, are painted onto 100% cotton fabric, also paperbacked for durability. This type of paperbacking of silk and cotton has been proven to be long lasting and not subject to deterioration. Paintings done during the Dang and Song Dynasty (around 1200 BC), using this paper ground technique are still as beautiful and vibrant as when they were originally painted.
Chinese Bird Wallpaper Room at Castle Culcreuch
2. Dressing the Bed
A Victorian bed should be showy wooden affair or made from either cast-iron, brass or a combination of both these metals. You may be able to get a skilled carpenter to produce or adapt a full bed to queen size or merging twin beds together to produce a king size. But if you really do not have the money to spend on such a luxury there are many modern reproduction beds available at a fraction of the cost.
The bed should be elaborately dressed with canopies and drapes, lots of pillows, flounces, ribbons and other trims. If you can search out your local fabric store and see if they have period type quilts etc., available.
3. Tables
It is important that you include either a marble topped table or cabinet in your room design as well as a wicker, bamboo or faux bamboo table, round or skirted table as a nightstand. Why not visit your local junk or antique shop to see what turned and carved wooden tables they may have for inclusion in your design from that era.
4. Lighting
It is vital that you get the lighting right in decorating a Victorian bedroom and this should include the classic ginger-jar style, or those that are made from porcelain, crystal or brass. You may even decide to use candlestick holders which have been transformed to be used as a light. Under each lamp you should place a crocheted doily for obtaining the authentic period look.
5. Dressers & Chest of Drawers
These should be typically made from dark stained oak, mahogany or walnut and be embellished with carvings, pediments and have either ornate brass or carved wooden drawer pulls. You may be lucky to find ones that also have a candle stand, tilting mirror and marble top to them.
6. Flooring
To provide that authentic Victorian look to your bedroom use Oriental area rugs or straw type mats. You may if you wish us hooked or machine loomed rugs that have a floral or a swirly abstract pattern on them.
7. Accessories
Such accessories you should include in your room are period pictures (include subjects such as botanicals, children, maidens (young women) and animals in these pictures). Also include an elaborate golden or stained wood framed mirror in to your design. If you can also place fresh flowers in period style vases in the room and visit your local junk or antique shop to find some Victorian style collectibles for inclusion in your design such as china dishes and figurines.
8. Windows
These should be dressed with full curtains or drapes which have ruffles, valances, braid, lace, bows and tassels on them (but you don’t need to have every just one or two will suffice). The materials your should be using to dress your windows should be velvet, brocade, delicate florals and then layered with lace sheers.
So decorating a Victorian bedroom can be quite easy all you need to do is just carry out a little research and hopefully you will be able to design and decorate the bedroom of your dreams.
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