Handpainted Lacquer ware

Asian Hand-painted lacquer ware is well known to art collectors worldwide, and is the result of some of the finest craftsmanship techniques in the world. Lacquer ware is created by applying lacquer to wooden objects to give it a fine finish and luster. Neo Silk Road inherited the Chinese lacquer techniques and maturing them to create the highly regarded art form that lacquer ware creation has become today.

Landscapes, birds and flowers, legendary figures are vividly painted by hand on furniture, which is Chinese traditional craftsmanship, Those kinds of furniture used in Royal family in The Ming and The Qing Dynasties. Combining practical usefulness with valuable collection,it is also a decorative arts.

Commodity: Chinoiserie Royal Furniture
Material: Elm &Poplar / lacquer/ hand-painting
Technologic Process: 100% handpainted and handcarving, without any nails.
Patterns: Table, Coffee Table, Chairs, Chest, Nightstand,Jewelry Box, Screen´╝îBookshelf,CD Racks, Wine Racks.
Productive Time: 50 Days

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