Top Questions About Silk Wallpaper

1. What is the silk wallpaper made of ?

100% silk mounted Rice paper.

2. What kind of glue will need to fix the wallpaper on the wall? Do you supply this type of glue?
Common glue used in any regular wallpaper is ok. We think you buy the glue in your market is very cheap than that we shipping to you.
Our silk wallpaper is made of silk mounted rice paper. and the installation very easy:

3. Can your wallpaper be used to cover ceiling ?

Yes, it can be used as picture, wallpaper if you like.

4. What's the cost of one samples ?

Free for 15*15.    More:

5. How would I go about obtaining samples ?

Please tell us your Express account or arrange your local Express to get the sample from us. If you don't have this account, please pay us the shipping charge.

6. How do I do the payment?

Bank transfer or West Union.

7. What are the standard panel sizes and prices ?

Stander size: 3ft (W)*8 ft(H). 4.5 ft is the maximal width each panel and the high is flexible.

8. What is prices each panel?

RetailPrice: Our Retail price offer free shipping. Please contact with our sales and tell them your denestination country, they will quote you a very favorable price.
Whole sale Price: Order 100 square meter or above can get the wholesale price. Sign contract to be our local distributor can enjoy the wholesale price.

9. Is price determined by size and style or something else ?

It is determined just by square meter and pattern design, Ther unit price of figures will be higher than Birds and Flowers.

10. Can you paint the Chinoiserie silk wallpaper for us if we offer designs ?

Yes, We can. Please take a photo or measure your wall ( Seiling) dimensions to us.

11. Based on the sample I received and choosed a patten number on a fabric color I prefered, What is the next step I shall do ?

Pay 50% deposit and we do the custom work for you--design the whole or combined patterns for your final confirmation and then start hand-painting.
The rest will be charged before we shipping the goods.