For paying in full amount and saving bank fees, the remitter need to use intermediary Banks directly or instruct your remitting bank to use the following payment route

You can use Western Union Online Money Transfer Service ( For U.S. bank -issued cards only)

Packaging & Shipping
Packing: Plastic Roller 140cm(L)*12cm (dia.)

140cm(L)*20cm (dia.)
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After-sale Service
Buyer needs check the wallpapers within 3 days upon the day of receipt. buyer is deemed to accept the products if there is no objection being submitted within 3 days.
Refund and exchange
Manufacture (referred as seller) shall take responsibilities for goods refund or exchange on condition that:
1. The pattern is significantly differentiated form the affirmed design diagram;
2. The color is significantly differentiated from the sample affirmed by client;
3. The materials have significant defect, dirt plot;
4. Any other relative requirements primarily confirmed with the client is not achieved.
5. Products keep unstained without any man-made damages
Please contact seller and report the problem via email to within 3 days since the day of receipt, live pictures are necessary. After 3 days any reports will be discarded.
Freight and bank transfer fee cannot be refunded.
No exchange or refund will be made for goods which have been used, damaged or altered.
Provide pay a service for restoration of wallpaper. If you want move it from wall, you can have the paper steamed and removed and send back to us, we will amount it same as new products. You may use it again as wallpaper or framed panels.