Custom Work
Custom work is available at an additional cost.

If the order is combined design and same background color, there will no additional cost. Designs may be adjusted to fit any wall space or configuration, based on customer supplied wall elevations or dimensions. Designs may be adjusted to fit around doors and windows, up stairway walls and also singular, self contained panels appropriate for framing within wall mounted moldings may be designed and created by us. Custom color and design is available as well. Although there is an up-charge for custom design, the resulting effect is generally considered quite worth the cost. (Please note: For custom coloring, we suggest limiting custom colors to perhaps
2 main elements such as leaves and flower colors, or requesting elimination of a specific color and replacing it with another preferred color. Ground color may also be adjusted, but there is no guarantee for perfect match as these wallpapers are all hand painted and subjected to variations in lighting, etc.) Colors may be selected from Color Chart or color swatches, fabrics, paint chips, etc. may be sent to us for matching. Again, as color matching may be subjective, there is no guarantee of exact match. More extensive custom color matching is possible, but a diagram of our design with color key would be required to be submitted by customer for color placement.
Estimating Panels Required
A professional paperhanger who is familiar with hand painted wallpaper panels would be able to estimate the number of panels required. We can also help determine the proper number of panels required from customer supplied elevations or dimensions. Customers can supply their local distributor with all of the available information regarding the wall dimensions, etc. for a cost and panel count quote. Customer supplied Architectural elevations are best for us to determine the number of panels required, although a detailed hand drawn diagram is sufficient , as long as it contains accurate measurements. Panels may be ordered in any sequence, either starting at panel number 1, or another starting point, moving left to right with the panel sequence. (e.g. you need 5 panels- they may be 1 through 5, or 3 through 8, etc.)

It is better that the customer can offer wall photo, our designer will give you a sketch for your final confirmation.
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Special Effect Finish
Crakle Antique Light Antique Gold Effect Silver Effect
Antique Effect
The Chinoiserie Collection wallpaper may be antiqued to show a rich antiqued finish. When the paper is painted, it will be antiqued with special antiquing process. Clients may also order panels that are antiqued slightly or more heavily. Sample strike off for approval (at additional cost, please enquire) is suggested for special orders before actual full order is produced to insure customer satisfaction.